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Yujia (Huiyu) company cadres and workers raise donations for sick children of employees

Dec 03,2022


On the afternoon of June 12, Ba Aiguo, deputy general manager of the company, Wang Xijian, general manager of Huiyu Park, and Tang Lin, deputy general manager of Huiyu Park, handed over the 15,300 yuan donation that gathered the love of cadres and workers to Bo Shuben, an employee, and conveyed it to Yujia. (Huiyu) company cadres and workers care and condolences for him and his sick daughter.

Bo Shuben is an ordinary worker in the calcination workshop in Huiyu Park. His daughter is seriously ill, doing chemotherapy in the hospital, and his wife accompanies him for a long time. The source of life for the family is all in Bo Shuben alone, which makes the original poor family even more overwhelmed!

The difficulties of Bo Shuben have affected the hearts of every cadre and employee of Yujia (Huiyu) Company. After the company learned about the situation, it immediately issued an initiative - a little love can make life continue! After seeing the initiative, the company's leading cadres took the lead, and the employees responded positively and extended a helping hand one after another. A loving action was quickly launched across the company, expressing love and care for the families of colleagues in trouble with practical actions! As of June 12, a total of 15,300 yuan has been donated. It has been delivered to Bo Shuben as soon as possible.

Charity has a price! Love is priceless! Yujia (Huiyu) Company is a big warm family, and every employee is a member of it. This donation activity of love reflects the noble sentiment and cohesion of solidarity and mutual assistance among Yujia (Huiyu) people, so that Bo Shuben, who is in trouble, can feel the care from the company's big family and the warmth of his colleagues! Wish his daughter a speedy recovery!