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Shen Changyou, Secretary of Dongying Municipal Party Committee, went to Shandong Huiyu Resource Recycling Industrial Park for investigation

Dec 03,2022

On the afternoon of April 6, 2016, Shen Changyou, Secretary of the Dongying Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, went to Shandong Huiyu Resource Recycling Industrial Park for on-site investigation. Du Zhenbo, Secretary of the County Party Committee of Lijin County, Yan Zhencheng, Mayor of the County, and leaders of relevant departments of the city and county accompanied.


Secretary Shen was particularly concerned about the construction and operation of the Huiyu project, and personally arrived at the production workshop for on-site guidance.

Shen Changyou and his party inspected the Huiyu carbon project on the spot and learned about the construction planning of the project in detail. General Manager Ba Aimin introduced the overall planning and design standards of Huiyu Resource Recycling Industrial Park. The design of the industrial park is based on Industry 3.0 as the minimum standard and Industry 4.0 as the best standard. The spirit of green long-term, full utilization of resource recycling, optimization and revolutionary innovation is used as a strategic policy to build and implement.

Ba Aimin, general manager of the company, also introduced the company's strategic goals, strategic planning, safety management, corporate culture, main products, etc. Secretary Shen and other leaders fully affirmed the company's construction and development, corporate culture, products and other aspects.

Through this on-site investigation by Secretary Shen, all cadres and employees of the company will never live up to the high hopes of Secretary Shen and the leaders, and have the determination and ability to make Huiyu Resource Recycling Industrial Park into a high-quality project in the special resistance, carbon and cathode industries., benchmarking project.